History of Cleaneats

In November 2015, Cleaneats was born in the industrial city of Tema, Ghana serving an array of fresh natural juices, health teas, salads, wholesome sandwiches and wraps to cater for a varied group of clients with different dietary needs. Most importantly focusing on quick healthy meals for people on the go or living fast paced lives.

What We Do?

We provide the highest quality menu items in the health food market at a pocket-friendly price backed by exceptional service to our valued clients.

Why We Do It?

We believe whole heartedly in a healthy body and strong spirit and aim to use clean eats to help our clients achieve this in their everyday life.

How We Do It?

Through good nutrition – serving fresh, nutrient packed fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, salads, sandwiches and propagating the health and wellness agenda by:

A Clean Future

To expand our operations to be able to first serve all major communities within our home country Ghana, and providing franchising opportunities, to extend our reach to ensure healthy food is accessible to all and people can make healthier choices for all their meals.

To help our associate farmers fully exhaust their produce by providing competitive packaging and end products that are marketable internationally.

To be the lead brand in the health food industry providing fresh and nutrient packed meals at an affordable price.